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Apollon Vintage chips series are designed with a new mold that is dramatically different than Apollon's other poker chips series. These poker chips brings together the best elements of clay pressed chips and ceramic chips, with intricate impressions pressed into the chip, which brings out the very best in an already classy design.

  • Lucid Diamond
    39mm Apollon Classic Poker Chip with lucid diamond design printed

  • The Ravenor
    39mm Apollon Classic Poker Chip with the ravenor printed

  • The Ravenor Classic
    39mm Apollon Classic Poker Chip with the ravenor classic printed

Apollon Classic chips series are casino grade chips that are printed with full colour graphics to the chips surface. There are a wide variety and selection of the ceramic poker chips available that have been created by designers all over the world. Fusing stunning design with vibrant colour, Apollon Classic are the perfect chips for any game, bringing the casino closer to home.

  • Lucky Dragon
    39mm Apollon Classic Poker Chip with lucky dragon design printed

  • Mosaics
    39mm Apollon Classic Poker Chip with mosaics design printed

  • Valentino
    39mm Apollon Classic Poker Chip with valentino design printed

Apollon Hybrid chips are a unique blend of Classic chips with a more visual likeness to traditional clay chips with a glass like inlay, which has made them a favourite for casinos worlwide. All available designs have been designed specifically for Apollon Hybrids which are beautifully crafted, making these chips the perfect central showpiece for any event or game.

  • Everest
    43mm Apollon Hybrid Poker Chip with everest design printed

  • The Ascona
    39mm Apollon Hybrid Poker Chip with the ascona design printed

  • Dawning
    39mm Apollon Hybrid Poker Chip with dawning design printed


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Sun-Fly Professional Casino Chips specialises in manufacturing and supplying fully customisable casino grade ceramic chips for professional high end markets, and are widely recognised by many poker stars and professionals worldwide.

Sun-Fly Professional Casino Chips founded in 2004 is an internationalised company, with manufacturing plants in both Germany and mainland China. With hard work, dedication and by keeping quality and security our priority, we have enjoyed rapid growth in the industry and are now the largest and most reputable ceramic chip manufacturer in the world, manufacturing more than 6,000,000 chips in the last year alone.

With expected growth in the coming years and an ever increasing worldwide network of distribution that spans the globe, we are certainly optimistic about the future and have continually added new innovative chip products and designs to our increasing product line.

Sun-Fly's customer orientated approach, consistently high quality of product, security, cost efficiency, continuous development and innovation in the market place has gone a long way to build trust and a good reputation with our client base, which we believe is the basis of our success.

We have already formed partnerships with some great companies in the Australia, Europe, USA and South Africa, and we cordially invite any well-established Casino related dealers to contact us and share your business ideas, and to build up possible business partnerships.

Ceramic Poker Chip manufacturing is SUN-FLY’s primary business. The company currently produces over 50 million custom ceramic poker chips a year for more than 3000 casinos and 6000 end users worldwide.

Sun-Fly Custom Poker Chip means that your personal information/design/photos can be transferred to the poker chip, which allows you to have your very own unique selection of chips. The chip itself can in effect, becomes more a part of your identity or location, and a focal point of any game.

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