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Poker Chip Design

Custom Poker Chips Design
Poker chips are necessary accessories as real money during gambling games. Though poker chips are called clay chips, poker chip sets are not all made of clay. Today the most familiar poker chip sets are made of ceramic, plastic and clay composite. Since 1930s poker chip sets were decorated with metal foil for additional durability and safety. Ten many years later on, poker chip sets have been printed within the center and along the edges.

Now different casinos always have their own unique colorful designs or at least a logo on their poker chip sets. Since 1950s some casinos had an idea to build up their brand, so they introduced their own designs and logos imprinted on the poker chips. These poker chip sets are not only a accessory replacing money, but also a collectable item for poker gamers.

There are a few professional companies appointed to custom poker chips for customers because these companies have advanced technology and professional skills to manufacture the poker chips, as well as having good credit standing. Sun-Fly is one of professional companies to manufacture and supply custom poker chips for casinos and their clients. It can add extra security and prevent counterfeiting, using different material according to customers' need. Let all the designs are protected by copyright. Now some excellent designs are shown below:

"7" is a mysterious number, and people always think it means lucky, happy and rich. Putting this  positive factor into the poker chip design, poker gamers can feel particular attributes in their games.

This simply yet stylish design seems to be traditional and class with its beautifully designed faces and artistic calligraphy.

"KRUH CASINO" is very stunning in the poker chip design. This custom poker chip can make your chips individual.

When poker gamers enter into the casinos, they feel this place is paradise for them. The designer use this feeling as the theme of poker chip design reminding your exciting poker games.

APT Main Event Chips is designed for The Asian Poker Tour. You can see that the Asian map is very distinct in the middle of the poker chip, highlighting the theme of The Asian Poker Tour.

These beautiful poker chip designs can enhance the gambling atmosphere no matter you play poker games at home or in the casinos.


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