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Poker Chip Information

When you are deciding which poker chip set to buy, you have many choices. The color and style of your poker chip is one choice, and which material you would like to use to manufacture your poker chips is another choice. You will also have the chance to choose whether you want a leather poker case or a aluminium case to decorate your beautiful poker chips.

If you want to have individual poker chips, you can find some professional companies to help you custom poker chips. Generally there will be some basic databases available for you to choose from and design your poker chip, such as template style, standard color, production material and chip type.

Selection Of Template Style Available

You can see several poker chip design templates with pre-printed images on the chip body, the decal is then customized to the customer requirements and fitted to the chip blank. Using the template style database can effectively reduce the need for prototyping and production time.

Selection Of Standard Color Available

Each template style is separated into several parts, you can choose a standard color and feel convenient to color your own poker chips.

Selection Of Production Material

Plastic Poker Chip

Clay Poker Chip

Ceramic Poker Chip

Nowadays the clay, plastic and ceramic poker chips are the three main choices you have in the type of poker chips for your set. Depending on the type of chips you chose, you have different options for customization. You can have your poker chip set hot stamped or even have full color vinyl labels added. There are also many choices of already custom designed poker chips that you might find to be just right for your set.

Selection Of Chip Type




Different poker chip types have different style. All blanks are made to accept high quality graphics using the entire surface area.


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